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Pelican Press Pensacola has been honored to publish ten of the thirteen books of poetry by Henry Langhorne, the former Poet Laureate of Northwest Florida. All thirteen books are listed below, and all but Listen to the River are available for purchase through this Web site.

Henry  Langhorne's  latest  title, From Uniontown, will be released in December of 2020 and will be featured at future poetry readings and book signings. Watch this Web site for details.    



Over the past twenty years, in additon to authoring his thirteen volumes of poetry, Henry Langhorne has had his poems published in a number of local and regional periodicals: The Sewanee Review (Winter 2016), Hurricane Review, The Panhandler, Emerald Coast Review, Negative Capability, Poem, The Cape Rock, The Chattahoochee Review, Plainsongs, Passager, Inlet, Mediphors, Life on the Line (anthology), Dockside, On Wings of Spirit (anthology), The Pharos, and the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). He is currently a member of the Academy of American Poets.


His boyhood home was in Uniontown, Alabama, a small town in a stretch of rich, black earth known as the Black Belt, a part of the Canebrake, from which The Canebrake Collection got its title. This fertile cotton land was near the Tombigbee River where tall stands of canebrake once grew.


Henry Langhorne attended undergraduate school at The University of the South at Sewanee, Tennessee, followed by graduation from Tulane Medical School in 1957. He served his internship at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, where he also obtained specialty training. Later, he became the oldest ever graduate student at Sewanee when he earned his Master of Fine Ars (MFA) in Creative Writing in May of 2016.


Henry Langhorne retired in December of 2014 as the senior member of Cardiology Consultants, after practicing cardiology in Pensacola, Florida, since 1963.



Other samples will be added as soon as possible  











From Light Is Life (2017): 


















From In Search of Solitude (2015):











 From The Canebrake Collection (2013)  



The_Canebrake_Collection.jpg                                           Sweater Weather
                           Walking my route this November at sunset
                           I stop and look at the evening sky--
                           orange, red, pink, yellow, gray,  
                           all at once and everywhere in this moment
                           at the winding down of my life.
                                                   It's sweather weather for me,  
                                                   but not for a teenage boy in short sleeves,
                                                   skiing down the hill on a skateboard.
                                                   I wave and yield the road to him.
                                                   It's time to say a prayer of gratitude
                                                   for just being here, alive in this life,
                                                   in this evening, under this sky. 


   From The Lay of the Land (2011)




                                 Eating Oysters at the Beach


                            We lean on the wet newspapers

                            and touch the split shells,

                            feel their raw, cold wetness,

                            while the ocean quietly lays

                            its salt down beyond the windows 

                            and rain falls like pitchforks.


                                                     I hope the room leading into death

                                                     has lamps like these on the table,

                                                     so that our farewell to everything

                                                     will have the ease and last as long

                                                     as ordering another beer

                                                     to wait out the rain.

                                                            Pensacola Beach, circa 1982




From In the Country of Rain (2009)



 From As Fate Would Have It (2007)



From The Clarity of Last Things (2005)  



From Winter Clothes (2003)



From Listen to the River (2001)
* Although Listen to the River is out of print, some selections from the volume are included in The Clarity of Last Things.



From Tombigbee (1999):
                                                                4 West
                                                I'm tired of walking down this hall
                                                to meet their wives for the last time.
                                                Sometimes I stop and plan my words
                                                as if they were born today.
                                                Looking out of a window at clouds
                                                prompts me to search for softer words.
                                                Time runs out, nurses and chaplain
                                                linger in the doorway to hear
                                                if I've found a different way
                                                to say he's dead.


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The Canebrake Collection is $20 - currently no shipping or handling charges.

 All other volumes are $15 each (plus $3 S&H).

A limited number of books are also available at the West Florida Literary Federation (WFLF). You can contact the Federation by e-mail at or by phone at 435-0942. The WFLF office/library is located in the Pensacola Cultural Center, 400 South Jefferson Street, Suite 212, Pensacola, Florida 32502.